Thursday 25 April 2013

Studwork walls

It has become apparent on a few jobs recently that householders can make assumptions regarding their houses that are incorrect. Studwork walls for instance.

In modern times, timber framed houses built using studwork loadbearing walls is becoming commonplace, but even in the past, even on some Victorian terraced housing, the internal spine wall between the front and rear bedrooms at first floor or above can be built in studwork but still carry the full load of the roof and roof space. It therefore stands to reason that if these studwork walls are used to carry such high loads in these locations, then in any situation, just because a wall is made of studwork, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t holding the house up.

The assumption must not be made that a studwork wall is just a partition and not an essential structural wall. In the case of any wall that alterations propose to remove, it is essential that the wall is checked out by a professional. Any wall or partition removed will require Building Regulation approval and will pop up when a search is made at the sale of the property. Even if a wall is found to be non-structural, a letter to state the fact, by a professional, will be required to be submitted to the Local Authority.

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