Thursday 28 February 2013

A Garden Office

If you have ever wandered around a garden centre looking at outbuildings to maybe use as a garden office, then you may be interested to see this project which is currently under construction. The plan is a garden office consisting of a steel framework which will have aluminium folding doors to the front, profiled insulated roof panels and similar wall cladding. It will be modern and insulated to a very high level that will need only very minimal heating. The concept and architectural design is by Richard Silver of RS Designs, and the structural steelwork design is by RID Struthers Ltd. The original concept is for a kit that can be brought to site in sections and erected simply. The slab for the base and any groundworks will have to be provided by a builder, but the kit will come ready to bolt together with no danger of adjustments to the steelwork being necessary, and the wall materials and general finishing can be to the client’s requirements. The best bit is that although this version is fairly large, it is within Permitted Development provided that certain guidelines are followed, and therefore does not require Planning Permission.

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