Friday 15 February 2013

It's Why They're Called Plans

It was when we lived in our old Victorian terrace that my wife had a wardrobe in the bedroom that was a door to the alcove beside the chimney breast. Being only a shallow chimney breast, she would curse every night as she tried to hang clothes on the rail at an angle and cram everything in as she forced the door shut. Every night it drove her mad, and it was because of this that I realised how important something so easily overlooked can have on a harmonious life.

One moment of drawing the line on a plan with little thought can have consequences like this and make the difference between a successful house and a failure. Such a simple and easy detail to fix, if only the person that designed the house had given that little bit of extra thought.

That particular detail, with the grief that was suffered every night, impressed upon me that what we do as designers has a very real effect on our clients. Every line and every choice made has an impact on the people that have to live with the result for ever afterwards, and what can seem like a small compromise can be the cause of some major irritation.

Structure can be one such irritation and the placement of beams or columns, if they don’t gel with the overall design concept, can spoil the entire scheme. The client doesn’t want to know about the mechanics of the project, only the aesthetic, and it is our responsibility to empathise with that focus and achieve the desired result. I personally will never accept something as ‘good enough’. It has to be right.

Once this has been understood and appreciated, the results we provide for our clients will hopefully be the success we all want it to be. It’s always the details, and it always matters.

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