Wednesday 12 November 2014

New residential property - with green oak

This project is on site from summer 2014 to summer 2015 and now (November 2014) is seeing the green oak frame being erected to form the first floor rooms and roof. 

The build and use of green oak in this instance is unusual, as the oak frame is being constructed on top of masonry ground floor walls with a pre-cast concrete slab first floor, with the oak frame placed on the slab and bolted down.  Green oak is a wonderful material to use and it is a joy tho see all the joints being made in a traditional way with no bolts, just hand-made joints with dowels.  It will last almost forever.  the house is substantial and I have designed it accordingly, to limit deflections in order to ensure that the 'feel' is rock solid underfoot, with no hint of 'liveness'.  This property needs to behave in a way that radiates substance and dependability.  The blockwork masonry walls are not lightweight thermal blocks, but proper concrete blocks that will not transmit sound or blow apart when fixings are made.  The thermal inefficiency has been compensated for by a bigger cavity and increased insulation.


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